Interviewing the teams!

In the morning we interviewed other teams about their projects.

Here are some answers to our questions:

Electronics team said that neither of them had had any experience with designing circuits before. The funniest parts of making circuit boards are when you learn new and interesting things and when you get to mill circuit boards. Also when you get to see the circuit board in your own hands, it shows the work you’ve done. The biggest challenges occurred when some components needed to be searched from the net.


Designing team told us that it was a totally new experience for both designers. They said that the best parts were designing and learning in practice. The hardest parts were to get good ideas, think about the best materials and and calculate the distribution of weight so that the spinner stays balanced. They have already designed many different versions of the fidget spinner.

Programming board team had had similar experience before. They think programming is quite fun but at the same time it’s also quite hard. In a nutshell they try to light the LEDs so that they’ll show letters and different patterns. There are difficulties on the way because the letters are supposed to look the same even when the speed of the spinner changes. There are also difficulties with the coding because it is very specific: if one character is missing it can make the whole code stumble. They said that “every team depends on them”.




Programming phone team said that the hardest decision to make is when and where to eat lunch. The team has programmed an application by which you can instruct the LEDs to show different letters etc. They think that it has been nice and quick to learn even though they didn’t have previous experience with Android Studio. They have done games earlier but it’s nothing like what they are doing now.

Later during these two weeks we will give you more information on the teams and their works.




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