Summary of these two weeks


We have made a lot of progress in these two weeks. The LED POV fidget spinner is almost ready. We faced some adversities but after all we solved them. We even thought about other projects ideas in case the electronic part of the fidget spinner didn’t work. To solve the electronic problem they needed PhD.

Designing team did many versios of the final work. They tried many different materials. The prototypes have been wooden but the final work will be made of plastic.

Electronics team have had lots of work to do everyday and the circuit board isn’t ready yet. They need to do little things to get it finished.

Programming phone team got their work done just in few days. Rest of the time they have been helping others.

Programming board team finished their coding and Arduino a few days ago. Now they are testing and doing little changes.

We have been writing blog posts and visiting other teams. It has been interesting to see what others are doing but at times it hasn’t been that progressive because we didn’t have enough things to do and achieve.

All of us have learned that team work is important and effective because someone’s weakness is someone else’s strenght.



Here is a wooden prototype


Circuit board’s diagram



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