Interviewing the teams! Part 2.

This is our second and last interview with the teams! Enjoy!

How did these two weeks go?

Programming phone: First week was nice but on the second week we didn’t have anything to do.

Design: Quite quickly and it was also fun.

Electronics: Just fine. First week went by learning and on the second week went by doing and solving problems.

Programming phone: Atmosphere was very laid-back.


What has been the best and the worst thing?

Programming phone: The best was to see that the work works and the worst and the most boring thing was when we didn’t have anything to do.

Design: The best thing was to learn to use different applications. The most depressing thing was when you thought you know how to do something but actually you didn’t.

Electronics: The best thing was getting the final and right circuit board working after many problemsThe last three days were the worst because we did the same thing again and again and still didn’t work.

Programming phone: Designing and making the app was the best. The last two days were the most boring ones because we didn’t have anything to do.




What have you learned?

Programming board: We have learned many different tactics to program an Arduino.

Design: To use many different apps.

Electronics: Everything was new so we learned everything we did.

Programming phone: We learned to use different applications


Did these weeks come up to your expectations?

Programming phone: Yes but we thought that we would work like last year (teams).

Design: Yes.

Electronics: Yes but more exciting than we expected.

Programming phone: It was more free than we thought.


In these two weeks everyone has learned to work in teams and that teamwork is powerful! Everybody also learned how to use different apps.


Here is the link to the previous interview:

Interviewing the teams!




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