I am Iván Sánchez Milara a research scientist in the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at University of Oulu (Finland). One of my research interest is how to utilize effectively technology in education. I consider FabLab a place where education, technology, design and creativity can converge in a natural way.

This blog documents the two-week summer training of a group of 14 high-schoolers and secondary school students (15 -18 years) at FabLab Oulu. The training starts on 06.06.2016 and finishes on 17.06.2016. During the training participants will familiarise with FabLab concept, machines and tools. They will also learn how to create a Arduino Shield from scratch, including several sensors and actuators, how to use a 3D printer and a laser cutter to create the mechanics for an electronic device as well as Arduino programming principles. The training follows a practical approach. Trainees create a robot that meets the requirements provided during the first day. The final goal of the trainees is to provide ideas on what are the possibilities of the FabLab environment specially to organize events and activities for youngsters.

This summer training program is possible thanks to the financial support of City of Oulu, FabLab Oulu,  and the  Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (University of Oulu) through the project FabLab4School.