Our project is ready!

After many problems and difficulties we faced, the fidget spinner is finally ready. Everyone worked really hard and now they are very happy with the final result.

Here are some photos and videos of the final version of the LED POV fidget spinner.



Thank you for this amazing and different summer job experience, Fab Lab Oulu!


Interviewing the teams! Part 2.

This is our second and last interview with the teams! Enjoy!

How did these two weeks go?

Programming phone: First week was nice but on the second week we didn’t have anything to do.

Design: Quite quickly and it was also fun.

Electronics: Just fine. First week went by learning and on the second week went by doing and solving problems.

Programming phone: Atmosphere was very laid-back.


What has been the best and the worst thing?

Programming phone: The best was to see that the work works and the worst and the most boring thing was when we didn’t have anything to do.

Design: The best thing was to learn to use different applications. The most depressing thing was when you thought you know how to do something but actually you didn’t.

Electronics: The best thing was getting the final and right circuit board working after many problemsThe last three days were the worst because we did the same thing again and again and still didn’t work.

Programming phone: Designing and making the app was the best. The last two days were the most boring ones because we didn’t have anything to do.




What have you learned?

Programming board: We have learned many different tactics to program an Arduino.

Design: To use many different apps.

Electronics: Everything was new so we learned everything we did.

Programming phone: We learned to use different applications


Did these weeks come up to your expectations?

Programming phone: Yes but we thought that we would work like last year (teams).

Design: Yes.

Electronics: Yes but more exciting than we expected.

Programming phone: It was more free than we thought.


In these two weeks everyone has learned to work in teams and that teamwork is powerful! Everybody also learned how to use different apps.


Here is the link to the previous interview:

Interviewing the teams!


Management team’s duties



In this blog post we are going to tell you what we have done during these two weeks.

In these past two weeks we have documented almost everything into this blog. Our team have interviewed other teams nearly everyday using paper and pen. We have also taken lots of photos of the progressing works and to storage them we have used a flash drive. We have learned how to write blog posts and to upload photos into the website (wordpress).

Trello has been very helpful with knowing what other teams are doing. Every team have wrote down to Trello what they have done during the day. That way everyone knew what others have been up to.

Coordinating other teams has been also our duty but it has been very easy because everyone has been unprompted and active.


Here we are choosing which photo to put up

Summary of these two weeks


We have made a lot of progress in these two weeks. The LED POV fidget spinner is almost ready. We faced some adversities but after all we solved them. We even thought about other projects ideas in case the electronic part of the fidget spinner didn’t work. To solve the electronic problem they needed PhD.

Designing team did many versios of the final work. They tried many different materials. The prototypes have been wooden but the final work will be made of plastic.

Electronics team have had lots of work to do everyday and the circuit board isn’t ready yet. They need to do little things to get it finished.

Programming phone team got their work done just in few days. Rest of the time they have been helping others.

Programming board team finished their coding and Arduino a few days ago. Now they are testing and doing little changes.

We have been writing blog posts and visiting other teams. It has been interesting to see what others are doing but at times it hasn’t been that progressive because we didn’t have enough things to do and achieve.

All of us have learned that team work is important and effective because someone’s weakness is someone else’s strenght.



Here is a wooden prototype


Circuit board’s diagram


Getting the first proper prototype ready!

Today we haven’t done anything else than wrote two blog posts.

Here are the links, go and read them!!


Programming phone

Designing team designed a spinner that can fit into a hand. They laser cut it and whetted it so that the bearings and magnets could fit into the holes of it. Now they have their first prototype of the spinner with bearings ready.

Programming phone team checked the codes and fine tuned them. After they had done that they started to make games with Unity just to spend time.

Programming board team got tachometer to work. Then they optimised the codes and also thought of better ways to draw letters.

Electronics team finished prototype’s circuit boards, soldered components and tested that it works.




Programming phone

Eero, Markus and Petteri are in the programming phone team. They did an app by which you can send text to the spinner and got it finished in just few days.

The team used MIT App Inventor 2 to make the first version of the app and planned the look of the app at the same time they were doing that. Afterwards they made the second version with Android Studio. They also worked together with the programming phone team.

The team is very happy with the final result.



This app was made with Android Studio


Here is the link to the website they used to learn how to use Android Studio.



Elli, Ilona and Riina are in the electronics team. Their main task is to design and make the circuit board for the fidget spinner. Without the circuit board the electronic part doesn’t work at all. The circuit board includes the components which make the spinner work. They didn’t have any experience with designing circuit boards or using Eagle.

At first they searched components that they were going to use. Then they designed the circuit board, the size and the shape of it so that the components could fit and then how they could combine different components together. After that they milled the board and attached the components. They needed to collaborate with the designing team.

Designing team is going to do rest of the work.



Electronic team milling their circuit board


Here are links to websites they have used





Programming board

Atte, Kasper and Mika are in the programming board team. Their main mission is to program an Arduino to blink the LEDs and to communicate with the mobile app which programming phone team have made. The Arduino also instructs the rotation speed.

First in the process of programming the Arduino, they needed to learn how it could be trained to understand instructions. After they had taught the Arduino how to receive orders they searched codes from the net and adapted them to fit into their demands. Then they accessed instructions from the net and again coded them. They did the coding without a plan and fixed all possible problems later.

The Arduino is almost ready but they need to attach a Hall effect sensor. They need to collaborate with the other teams because the whole project depends on them.




In this post we are going to tell you in detail what Siri and Antti are doing in the designing team. We are going to tell you the process of making a fidget spinner next week, this is one of the stages. In every blog post that we’re telling you about the process of making the spinner we are going to put some photos and/or links to the web pages they have used to learn etc.

Designing team’s  main task is to design and make the fidget spinner’s front cover. They have to consider the weight of the spinner so it stays balanced. They also need to take into account the shape so that the circuit board can fit into it. That’s why they need to collaborate with electronics team. In the last couple of days they have worked together a lot.

At the beginning of the process they needed to learn how to use Inkscape. Neither of them had had any experience with the application. At first it felt difficult but they didn’t use the net to learn, they learned it by themselves. Now they are making a 3D version of the 2D version they did couple days ago.


ss design4

2D version of the fidget spinner

ss design

Practicing 3D designing